Unable to indicate the element through the set text activity in mobile automation?

I am doing mobile device automation, while indicate the element through the set text activity getting message like

Can any one guide me please how to fix this?

ok can you check manually, where is the cursor of the application when you launch the application. This will help you to start posting data by using keyboard shotcuts.

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Thanks for the response @rkelchuri
I have checked manually the cursor placed in above mentioned image indicated place only.

In this situation, just take the selector of the title in type into activity and try. It will work.
make sure to give enough delay to the activity. Some times we have to use application default behaviors

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Okay will try as per the suggestion thanks @rkelchuri

Good Day @rkelchuri

We have problem statement. Using Studio Pro 2020.10.2 version to set text in an Android APK Screen view control. There is no cursor in the view. If you click the view its not bringing any cursor on the screen. The class of the object in the screen is “android.view.ViewGroup”.

Some attempts were made to automate this as below:

  1. Tried set text but will not work as there is no cursor and element in non focusable. UI Path gives this error as developer has kept it non focusable [Focused = False, Focusable = False]. Since app was developed by third party vendor we are unable to approach team for a build change.

  2. Tried Invoke VB.NET code to send keys. Tried VB script code to send keys. But send keys are not working as the device is inside a cloud platform named Browser Stack. Even manual key entry will not work via UI Path Device Manager

  3. Now trying to get the handle of android soft key board. Tried additional desired capabilities to ensure that keyboard shows up. But UI Path is not able to detect android soft keyboard in cloud environment unfortunately. (This is approach working in iOS)

Temporary Solution tried: Using Image context of the keyboard with anchors and typing keys on the soft keyboard. I am beginner in UI Path and not sure if this method would be stable in long run.

Please recommend an alternate method, if any in such cases.