Unable to identify the Chrome browser pop-up - in Advanced training - Assignment 2

I am working on Advanced Training - Assignment 2 , in which we need to identify whether Element exist (pop-up) if there is no Report to Download .

But I could not find the way to identify the Element in the Chrome browser pop-up.

I could not find any related topic in the Forum.

Could any one help on how to identify the the Chrome Browser pop-up.

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you should use another attach window for those popups.


But I could not focus the element in the browser pop-up. Whenever i try to focus the pop-up it selects entire text. I am not sure how to identify the pop-up.

Suggest you to have a look at a related post:

Ill advice to use IE however.

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@rtallapudi You can use TryCatch because its throws SelectorNotFoundException put all the activites in try block and send hot key in catch block.its usefull for me.

As mentioned in the topic Decide the action reading text of Chrome popup , I have used below selector to Identify the Pop-up in Chrome.

. It worked for me .


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