Unable to identify selectors in unattended mode in a windows based application(it will only work as administrator)

Hi, Team @KarthikByggari @loginerror @Palaniyappan @Carlos_Almeida @radutzp ,

We have developed the workflow sequence and it is working fine in attended mode. But while running through orchestrator in unattended mode, the selectors are not being identified and we are seeing the errors “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:”.
We are running the application and UiPath as an administrator in unattended mode.

We have tried many alternatives but no luck.

Could you please help us in resolving this issue ASAP?


Hi @Anveshs,

I am most certain that it is not the process or the selector issue. This most probably is the authentication issue. Let me explain.


  1. Ensure you have the right robot user logging into the robot machine with the correct domain\username and password (windows credentials or pin etc.).
  2. Robot machine is connected to Orchestrator and UiPath.Service.UserHost service is running in the background

How to check if this is the case?

  1. Use a global handler in your process and use the exception message generated to take a screenshot
  2. If when you login (as robot user) after the robot failed and you see applications being opened from the previous login. It mostly is the robot which opened them during execution but never got to close them due to the inability to access the selectors.

When using a robot in unattended mode and when you get such an error, the first thing you need to check is if the robot was able to log into as a user of the machine.

Both UiPath and BluePrism robots have the ability to launch application from the login screen especially if it is a browser based automation. The robots can launch applications but if they want to use anything other than simulate actions (simulate click or type into) the window they see is a login screen and will not have access to the UiElements/Selectors of the application.

For example: A process which is

  1. Opening browser – Robot launches this from Login Screen
  2. Clicking Home button simulate action --Robot can perform this a well
  3. Typing into a text field – Robot fails as it does not have access to identify a selector

Hi, I’m running into this issue where the robot user logins fine in the unattended job. My process involves login to a browser page and doing various clicks and downloads. I am mostly using simulate click/type, but for some I’m using the hardware driver default because I’m having trouble clicking them otherwise. I thought this would just be a foreground process as a result, but still unattended since I don’t require a human to interact with the process.

My robot user is also assigned an administrator. What may be the issue? UiRobotSvc is running while I’m rdp’d in. The process works fine in attended (ran from assistant) and ran from studio.