Unable to identify few selectors in Chrome

Hi @Florent_Salendres
I gone through couple of posts but my problem still exist so wanted to post

When i try to identify certain selector like Chrome Address bar or tabs or minimize button it doesnt recognise selector but few places it works as in screensht below


Chrome Version:73
Uipath extension version:9.0.6821

Current setting mode of extension:

Already tried below ways

  1. reinstalled extensin
  2. added extensin from chrome web store
    3.inspected errors from background - no errors found in console

Any other way to solve this issue ?

Hi @Vikram212,

We cannot get selector for address bar, or minimize , maximize buttons or tab in Google chrome but the same can be done in Internet explorer.

So whats your requirement, for putting the values in address bar you have to use open browser and minimize and maximize activities

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thanks @anil5 , i need to use element exist to identify address bar

Hi @Vikram212,

If you want to use element exist for address bar, you have to use IE

Can’t you use anything else apart from address bar, for element exists, when the address bar changes the elements on the next page also changes so try to use any element on the next page when the address bar changes.

Agreed to your point
but my automation is meant only for chrome
i have situatuion where i have two CRM windows exactly similar to each other only change i see
is that other window doesnt have enabled address bar and this window does
thats the only change i’ve seen

Can you share screenshots of enabled address bar and without enabled address bar.