Unable to identify controls/elements on a wesbite layer/popup

We are unable to identify the controls on a layer in the webpage using UIPath. Are there any specific ways to be able to identify the layer?

These controls were being identified using Automation Anywhere and not UIPath. Are we missing something?


The machine is not able to get the Available processes screen once Add process button is clicked

did you tried sending hot key?
and you can use Element Exist Activity! and click on the popup

well you can use ElementExist Activity and then click activity search for that popup Caption text and click on green button!

no hot keys available for this one

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv

Use send hot key as tab and check it

Ashwin S

it’s for @amitkaur :rofl::rofl: anyway @AshwinS2

Hi @amitkaur ,

For the Newly opened Window - Take a Attach Browser Activity , Point to the Window and then Proceed with the Automation.