Unable to identify a specific robot in orchestrator job

Help me to identify my robot Std_r1

Hy @vishwajith.ig19, welcome to the UiPath Community

Follow those steps:

Check if your robot is connected

Set up environment

Make sure you map your process to an Environment

Aflter all that you can run your job!!


You have to select a process first.

Hy @vishwajith.ig19,

Did you manage to run a process in Orchestrator?


It shows “No data to show” in specific robots. Whereas both my process “Message box” and my robot “Std_r1” was mapped in the same Environment “E_1”

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I have selected my process “Message box”

Hi @vishwajith.ig19
Welcome to UiPath Community

Im seen the Robot Type is : Studio
Just change the robot type in to : Unattended

Then it will work