Unable to get values in Out Argument in string type

Reading values from spreadsheet in Process.xaml like Serial_No , OrderNo , & Item# when i am sending these values through Out arguement value is not coming in Main.xaml using for writing outputsheet.

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Hi @mittal.abhishek

Change the arument type in/out

but if i am using out direction then it shuld send the value out…

Not sure why it’s behaving weird…

Make sure you don’t have any duplicate variable name or argument name
Bot will get confused because of that though you give right direction for argument

Argument name and variable name should be different

Like for example if variable name is strinput and argument should be out_strinput

Cheers @mittal.abhishek

Yes , @Palaniyappan in a same i have used the Arguement name & variable name like :

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Yeah check once whether it is with global scope and not being duplicated

Click on remove unwanted variable button in design tab of your studio and then give a try

Try running in debug mode so that we can check with local panel to see whether the variables are filled with values or not

Cheers @mittal.abhishek

in case you feel everything is correct just debug it /breakpoints / stepwise and check where it is broken

ensure also that the out_ArgumentNameXX arguments are correct configured and assigned Within the workflow, which is returning the values to the called/invoking XAML

out_ArgumentNameXX = Serial_No_Value_YouHadRetrieved