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Please find the attached screen shot.
I am unable to get the value from the browser popup. I am using GetText Activity but unable to indicate the exact screen on the browser.
-> I am using Chrome browser and want to indicate to certain element to get the entire value from it, please suggest me how to get that value or any specific activity name to indicate the element on the popup screen

@NikhilRPA Try This:

  1. Use Click Image to Select the Confirmation ID box
  2. Then use, Send Hot Key, Ctrl+A
  3. Then Use Copy Selected Text Activity
  4. Lastly, Use String Manipulation to Obtain Only the Confirmation ID
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Once after you click ‘indicate on screen’ ,

  1. Press F3 (this is allow to to crop a certain place in freestyle)
  2. Crop the place where your desired text is.

Btwn use attach window if necessary to indicate the popup window.

Try it !!

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Use get attribute activity and use this below selector in get attribute,
"<"wnd app=‘chrome.exe’ cls=‘Chrome_WidgetWin_1’ title=‘ACME System 1*’ />
"<"ctrl name=‘Report was uploaded - confirmation id is*’ role=‘text’ />
Check this below image,


Thank you this works for me @supermanPunch

Thanks :slight_smile: This helps me @Manish540 @Blesslin

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