Unable to get the link to download the Community edition

I am unable to get the download link for Community Edition to my email id. Tried with another account also but unable to get

I’ve had this before. Contact sales@uipath.com who should be able to help.

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I mailed them but i got reply from zendesk support asking me to post the problem i’m facing in forum…

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Hi @rajeshy

What email address did you use to make the request? The one you use on the Forum?

I am also facing same issue with download email.
Have tried multiple times over last 2 months but have never received one.
Posting in existing thread to avoid flooding of same issue

Hi Ankur,

I’ve checked and it seems you received the email. Do you still have this issue?

@ovi - Hi, I am also facing same issue. Not receiving mail with community edition download link. Will you be able to help?

@ovi - Please ignore. I received the mail. It was in promotions folder.

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I’m glad it worked out. Have fun with it :wink:

@ovi - I am facing the same issue. I am filled the details but I am not able to receive the email at “vineetaggarwal@kpmg.com” . Please help.

Hi @ovi, I have the same issue. I don’t receive email with the download link.
Please help!

Hey Peeps, was anyone able to resolve their issue by posting here? i am going through same problem

Plz guide

Hi, can anybody please help me in downloading community version, can’t find the exact location or link regarding this. Have downloaded studio and Getting installation error popup.

Hello Viorela,
Good morning
I am trying to download uipath community edition but external error #213 is showing and I have got welcome email for uipath but not getting link in mail to download uipath.My mail id is:riteshjune18@gmail.com.i tried with many email id but not succeeded.pls help.Thanks