Unable to get text in sap

Hi All,

i have problem getting text in sap.
First of all the field is hidden so i used the F2 pause to select the list i want before i can hover over save to get “save” text. But each time i hover over it, it becomes highlighted and the save text in sap is in orange.

i need to get the text “save” that is not in orange.

how can i do that?

there is no shortcut key for this save here.

i am trying to select in sap

so that i can save sap into excel

Thanks in advance!

Buddy use send hot key activity with key tab or any key to get to that list and then try to save it buddy
Cheers @minthodology

were you able to save now buddy @minthodology

send hotkey works! but not using tab… thanks!

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Fantastic buddy @minthodology

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