Unable to get Selectors After a Windows Update

How to get selectors after a windows update?

Execute the following commands - these commands will register all DLLs from System 32 and SysWow64.

a. From a 64-bit elevated Command Prompt, execute command:

for %1 in (c:\windows\system32\*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %1

b. From a 32-bit elevated Command Prompt, execute command:

for %1 in (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %1

Details on how to open elevated Command Prompts can be found here


This is an interesting post, as it relates to Windows Updates, and potentially some issues AFTER the update has taken place.

Can I ask the community if anyone is also experiencing any issues around selectors BEFORE Windows Updates are installed?

I don’t have enough sample data to be certain, but I am seeing a pattern of default input methods failing (i.e. hardware driver mouse click and type into) around once a month.
On investigation, there are Windows Updates ready to be installed.
Installing the updates resolves the issues (whether or not the machine requires a restart after the updates are applied).

You might say this is anecdotal, but I am seeing it enough to expect this to be the fix, and to wonder if anyone else is seeing the same issue.

Robot is on 19.10 version, and is running on a physical Windows 10 PC.

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Hey there! I totally get where you’re coming from - I had to replace my old PC not too long ago too. As for your question, I’m pretty sure that windows 10 keys are tied to the motherboard, so if you’re changing that out, you might run into some issues. But don’t worry - you should be able to retrieve your keys using a program like Belarc.