Unable to get SAP EHP8 selectors


I have automated 13 client processes on SAP EHP 7 version. Currently client is migrating SAP to EHP8 version. Right now the migration of SAP EHP8 phase is in Sandbox testing phase and I got to test all my existing automations as well in S1U EHP8 version. But I’m unable to get any selector including login credentials as well. When I’m trying to indicate, BOT is capturing whole screen as shown in the attachment provided here. Can anyone help me with this issue?

Did you already tried changing the UI framework with key “F4”.

HI @pruthvinath.p

When you see the whole screen and not just an element, it means, that the SAP scripting is not activated

Follow the docu Configuration Steps

It will solve your issue

Best regards, Lev

Hi cKsB,

Yes I have used all three options of Ui Framework. Nothing was working.

Hi LevKushnir,

Yes, Scripting is enabled already.


If you are not able to select a single the element. the scripting is not enabled.

UI Framework should be DEFAULT.

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