Unable to get or post data (Jira)


we are connecting to jsd using api and fteching data form jsd as well postig data like internal and external comments on jsd.
suddenly we are facing issue for same , but we didnt change anything in the scripting part.
issue we are facing is , conection is successfull but unable to fetch data (get) or update (post) on jsd.
Status for http call is 200 but not able to post the comments.
please check below screenshots.

@Cristian_Negulescu @AndersJensen @rakesh
can you please help me with this .
what is the possible cause?

Hello Mathkar,
I have never modified the component in the last 1 year and a half and I will never modify it.
What I recommend is to test via REST API RAW commands to see what was changed to your server


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issue soolved . actually issue was jsd got locked due to wrong password.

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