Unable to get only.pdf urls from the extracted data table

Hi All,
I am unable to check for .pdf files from the extract data table, before writing those extracted ones to CSV.Anyone can suggest the solution?


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Let’s say output of scraping result as ‘inputDT’ and then try below expression.

   pdfDT = (From p In inputDT.Select Where (p("ColumnName").Tostring.Contains(".pdf") Select p).CopyToDataTable

Thanks for the solution.But am not sure where to add this expression.can you pls explain in depth


Hi @yamini_reddy

Give the pdfdt expression after scrapping the Datatable

Ashwin S

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We can do that with a ASSIGN activity like this
Once after getting the datatable named dt
Use this expression in assign activity

dt = dt.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(a) a.Field(of string)(“yourcolumnname”).Contains(“.pdf”)).CopyToDatatable()

This will give us only the datatable with rows having pdf along the mentioned thread column

Cheers @yamini_reddy


After scraping the data and assign output to one DataTable variable and then use assign activity and write above expression. The above expression will give output as DataTable and am assigning it to pdfDT variable and it’s of type DataTable.

Hi Lakshman,can you check this workflow and suggest me what needs to be corrected related to finding the .pdf links


I did not find any workflow in your post.

Hi Lakshman ,sorry i was unable to load my file as am new user. can you check this screenshot of the workflow and suggest me what needs to be corrected related to finding the .pdf links

Hi @yamini_reddy

dont need to give the query within double quotation marks

Based on the query intellise get populated

Ashwin S

I tried without quotes too,but still gives compiler error saying “processing expression (From p Et ExtractDataTable.Select Where (Et(“URL”).Tostring.Contains(”.pdf") Select p).CopyToDataTable)’ expected

can you pls check the syntax of the pdfDt variable of the below workflow


Zip that file and share with me personally. So that I can check and let you know where it went wrong.