Unable to Get Exact Selector

Hi, I am trying to get the details from the following:

Similarly for different Organizations, I want to collect the same data (Amazon, Dell, Flipkart,etc…)
So, I am facing trouble with selectors.

The default for Apple Organization selector is as follow:

I am replacing selectors like below

Here I am passing the “keywordname2” variable for searching in google so same thing I am concatenation in selectors and at last, I am keeping the wild card because when I am searching for “Amazon” it is coming as “Amazon.com” in search results on google so, I am using a wild card

Hi there @Sarath_Kumar_Gumpena,

Seeing your image that is posted the string operation on the selector is not done correctly. please check the following forum post - How to use a variable in: <webctrl aaname=VARIABLE />

Also, if you haven’t gone through the training please do as you can format the selector strings different ways :slight_smile:


Thanks for help, I am able to solve first one i.e., Organization name i am able to get.

Can you help with this?

But the Domain i am unable get because:

  1. For the Apple organization the Domain selector is as follow:

  2. I can replace the selector of the “ParentID” but what about “aaname”

Hi @Sarath_Kumar_Gumpena

Can you explain what you are trying to achieve and how you are doing it?

Seems like (from what i can understand) you are trying to scrape the first result in Google for a list of companies…


I want to scrap the Company name and Domain name this is the scenario.

@Sarath_Kumar_Gumpena Can you specify where you are getting for input company name.

Seems simple enough the way it is presented but you need to specify your full process on high level for better understanding.

Are you googling each company name as an input from somewhere? Are you searching and then scraping it?

I am passing company names using excel

@Sarath_Kumar_Gumpena Is it possible to attach your workflow with excel file.

sorry I didn’t do the flow full but I am attaching what I had doneCompany_Scrap.zip (446.8 KB)