Unable to get data in Orchestrator

Hi can anyone help me pleae…

Im trying to run job in orchestrator. Its showing successfull in job.
but cannot able to get data in view Transctional data too.
Is there anyformat to save file in uipath studio inorder to publish it to orchestrator.

Thnak u.

What are you trying to publish? Are you creating a report through the process you’ve built?

A simple project in which it has just message box.

There is a Publish button in UiPath Studio which will publish the package to Orchestrator. This will only work if you have the robot and license set up. You can find out if this is set up by opening the UiPath Robot application and check if the status is “Connected with License”.

Alternatively, you can use the Publish window to create a local package. Then go to the Orchestrator page, got to Processes, click on the Packages tab at the top, and then click the icon for uploading the package you saved to Orchestrator.

hi. Thank u.
trying to upload the package.
but couldnt.
not getting whats happening.
thank u.

Is the robot connected to orchestrator
Make sure that it is followed as per this blog

And if it’s followed already in the same way may I know the issue we are facing

Cheers @saritha

Hi , thank u.
i did the same but still not working.
doesnt know where am i lacking.
thank u.
May I know how to post screen shots

You can take the screenshot and paste it here along the comments buddy
Or no problem you can even state the error you were getting

To paste screenshots, you can probably use the “Snipping Tool” in Windows 7 or 10. Just use the search bar to find that tool. Then, (after selecting the image) choose Copy in the tool, and paste it in your post using Ctrl+V


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I am also facing the same problem, Although my bot is connected and licensed. Whenever I am trying to fetch data through get Asset. It is showing me the error "Get Asset: You are not authenticated! Error code: 0"
Can anyone please help me ?

@Sharmistha_Kundu Mostly I think it is because of the System.Activities Package that you are using. If it is updated to the latest version i.e 20.6 change it to 20.4 and Check if it works

Yes it is working fine. Thanks

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