Unable to get data from multiple pages in single pdf- Abbyy OCR

Hello all,

I am trying to scrape information from 4 page pdf document to txt file. I have decided to try Abbyy cloud OCR(Trial Version) with Uipath 2018.4. Every time I to run the bot, I see that only one page is getting scrapped though the Range is “All” which is the default. I also tried to change the range to “1-4” it still doesn’t work as expected. Can someone help me with this?

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but this would actually work on mentioning “All” in the range
did we try using normal READ PDF OCR activity
Cheers @Pkotla

Yes I did! It’s a pretty straight forward bot. Don’t know why it is acting so weird.

I could see a similar issue in the below post as well.

kindly try once with other ocr like google or microsoft and write that string output in a text file

Cheers @Pkotla

I tried using google and Microsoft OCR . The result doesn’t look similar to the Abbyy OCR.

Here are few of the observations I have noticed while working on google and Microsoft OCR

  • Both the OCRs couldn’t scrape all the pages.
  • Accuracy and Alignment of text was no where closer to the Abbyy.
  • It took much longer time than usual.