Unable to Generate report with Queue Items (dynamically for any queue Items) using Orchestrator API


I’m trying to generate Report from Orchestrator using Orchestrator API. able to fetch items from one specific Queue Name with Specific Contents. But I want to create a process which should work dynamically for any Queue with any specific contents(User has to give the content names & BOT has to generate a DT with columns). Can anyone please help me here?

Attaching my code here that I have created to generate report for specific Queue item with specific columns.
Generate_Report.xaml (45.3 KB)

Appreciate your help!!

Thank you.

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Hey @anuradha_puligoti

This is possible.

But please confirm you want to create a report table only with queue item’s specific content data or any other fields as well ?

Kindly confirm.


Hello @Nithinkrishna ,

Thanks for replying…

I can put an example here for my requirements:

Bot 1- Queue Name : Queue_A
“First Name”: A
“Last Name”: B
“Count” : 3

Bot 2 -Queue Name : Queue_B
"Age " : 26
“Company”: C
“ID” : 3

Now I want to generate a report from Queue_A with all columns- First name, last name & Count and update in an Excel…

I want to use the same code to generate a report for Queue_B as well with columns(Age, Company & ID). It has to work dynamically for all the Queues like a reusable component to generate report. I’m able to do for 1 specific Queue Name. but not dynamically for all queues.

I hope you understands my query.

Thank you.

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Hey @anuradha_puligoti

Assuming you are now getting the queue items as a collection,

Here is the sample solution - nmnithinkrishna_QItemSpecificContentReport.zip (2.3 KB)

Hope this helps.


Hello @Nithinkrishna ,

Thank you for your Reply. But probably this is not what I’m looking for right now.

As the BOT job is completed, A report has to be generated with Queue Items, Success, Failed items and Exception reason.

We have Orchestrator API calls to fetch Data using Specific Content. If you look at the code- That i have attached- I’m able to generate the Report. But I want to create Reusable component which should work for any queue Item to generate Report with all the Specific Contents which are available in specific Queue.

Hey @anuradha_puligoti

Oops, thanks for clarifying.

Re-usable component is of course possible by just making your queue id or name dynamic since you are saying the reporting logic is already in place.

Please mention if you have any specific challenge or issue in that regards.


Generate_CSV_Report.zip (8.9 KB)
If you can just look at the code(Attached)- It can only work for one Queue ID. Cause the specific contents are like in the below pic

There is one more Queue which has the specific content like in the below pic

If I want to generate report for Queue 1-
Then I will have to pass Queue name & {Specific Content(“Card Deatils”}, “Status”,SpecificContent(“Invoice Number”) in arguments,

If I want to generate report for Queue 2 -
Then will have to pass Queue NAme & { Specific Content (“Tipo”), SpecificContent(Bank Details"), Status}

I’m unable to build this logic. Can you please refer the attached code and help me?

I hope you understood my query.

Thank you.

Whether you able to find the solution?

Hello @abhijeet1895raj ,

Yes, Finally I could find the solution.

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@anuradha_puligoti Can you share the solution?

Attached is the Solution,

let me know if you face any issues.

Reprting_Library (2).zip (24.5 KB)

Hi @anuradha_puligoti

I wanted to add one more parameter to HTTP request i.e StartProcessing > Current Time but it is giving error. Can you help me - anything wrong with the below syntax?

“/odata/QueueItems?$filter=QueueDefinitionId eq “+WorkQueueId+” and Progress ne ‘Reported’ and (Status eq ‘Failed’ or QueueDefinitionId eq “+WorkQueueId+” and Progress ne ‘Reported’ and Status eq ‘Successful’) and StartProcessing ge datetime’”+ start_DateTime.ToString +“'”