Unable to forward same mail multiple times

Hi Team, I have a use case to forward the same email multiple times to different recipients based on the conditions. But when i tried to achieve it using “Send Outlook Mail message” multiple times by passing same “Mail” variable in which the mail is stored… I’m getting exception “Send Outlook Mail Message: Invalid mail sensitivity” but, when i use semicolon to add multiple recipients in same “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity, it works. My use case demands to forward the same email multiple times to different recipients. Can someone please help me to get this resolved?

Attaching xaml file for referenceMailCheck.zip (1.5 KB)

Hi @AswinSridhar,

If it has to be done basis some conditions, i would suggest to use if activity to check for those conditions and have outlook activity in there according to that condition.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 thanks for replying, I’m already using if activity. My use case is to check for conditions that is satisfying and send the email if the condition is true.

Edit: I just realized I made an assumption that you wanted to send the same mail to multiple people but them to not be able to see each other because otherwise why would you loop. If they can all see each other then just move the send mail activity to the end so you have a full string of people to send the email to and just send it once.
Below my original message about using BC to hide the recipients from each other.

So this is really a bug with the Send Mail Activity because it forces you to place something in the ‘To’ field, which isn’t actually required… or at least it shouldn’t be.

In a normal scenario you would not loop through each person and send them each a separate mail, you would add each of them to the BC and you can send a mail with details only in the BC.
This will result in each recipient getting a copy of the mail but being unable to see anyone else the email was sent to.

Until UiPath fix this bug (which I wouldn’t hold my breath as the mail activities are full of bugs) you can fortunately work around this by adding an empty string in the ‘To’ property.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @Jon_Smith thank you so much!! this resolved my issue!

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