Unable to finish Orchestrator for Developers course


The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing the “RPA Developer Foundation” learning plan. I was able to complete most, if not all courses, but today I encountered a problem when learning to use Orchestrator. The Orchestrator for Developer course is a very informative one, but there seem to be issues when doing this course while using the Community Licence.

The course expects you to create a robot, run a job and create a schedule. I’ve followed the steps in the video’s (which are outdated it seems) and created a ‘default’ robot. This robot won’t show up when trying to run a job. I figured out this is because I need to create an Unattended robot, not a Studio bot. However, my Community Licence doesn’t allow me to create anytthing else than Studio bots…

The video’s don’t comment on this part whatsoever and I’m wondering if there is a workaround. I would very much like to finish the Foundation Learning Plan and move on to the Advanced Developer course.

Has anyone else encountered this issue as well? If so, did you find a workaround?

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Hi there!

I also had a couple of problems with the Orchestrator course (not finished yet). The fact that your robot does not show up, is most likely related to the “services” settings.

Go to your orchestrator home page: platform.uipath.com & click “view” in the services tab.
Configurate your settings to the allowed maximum (2 attended, 1 unattended, 2 studio).

Afterwards, make sure your update the settings under “machine” accordingly.
License - unattended runtimes should indicate 1.
This should fix the problem of the robot not showing up in the list.

Note: I also had some issues with running my first job. This was solved by setting the workflow sequence to “main” in studio (right-clicking in the project tab -> set as main).

Hope this helps!