Unable to find write Value Activity

Hello Everyone,

I’m quite new to UI Path. While going through RPA Academy tutorials and documentation, In one of the examples related to Date and Time Variable (here on this link )I was asked to use “Write Value” activity. I’m unable to find it in activities panel. I have excel pack installed on my machine.

UI path ver: 2016.2.6274

Please help me out. thank you.

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I think it is “Write Cell” if you are writing to a single cell or “Write Range” if you are pasting a data table into excel

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Have you found the solution to “Write value”?
I got stuck with same issue here.
it would be really appreciated if I can get some reply.

Thanks in advance!

Hi please use write cell, I guess the instructor said write value by mistake.

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thanks so much RishiVC1 for the reply!
Got it and will try Write Cell instead!
PS: this is 1st time I use this community and its amazing I got your reply so quickly!
Have a good day!!!

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friend the cell if I change it with the activity to write cell, it does not give me
I get this error.
Object reference not set to an instance of an object