Unable to Find uipath.python.activity v1.3.0 in new project

Can anyone please help in below issue.
unable to install UiPath.python.activity v1.3.0 in new project as i want to install this specific version.
my different project has this version install and working fine. how can i import this activity package from one project to another without manage package. FYI I tried with Project Dependencies Mass Update but didn’t work.

1.Locate the Package Files:

In your project where the specific version is installed and working fine, navigate to the packages folder. The packages folder can usually be found in the project directory, and the package files are stored there.
Copy Package Files:

2.Copy the package files associated with UiPath.Python.Activity v1.3.0. These typically include the .nupkg file and related files.
Paste Package Files:

3.Go to your new project where you want to install this specific version.
Create a “packages” folder if it doesn’t already exist in the project directory.
Paste the package files into the “packages” folder of the new project.

4.Update Project File:
Open the .csproj or .vbproj file of your new project in a text editor.
Locate the section and add a reference to the package. It should look something like this (update with the actual package details):

5.Reload the Project:

  • Save the changes and close the text editor.
  • Reopen your UiPath project. UiPath Studio should detect the new package reference.

6.Rebuild the Project:

  • Rebuild the project to ensure that the package is recognized and available for use.