Unable to find the missing file names in a folder


I have 5 excel files in a particular folder to prepare consolidated sheet using 5 of them.
→ The first thing that I have to do is: – check whether 5 files are available or not using the key word of the file.
→ if any of the file is missing in the folder, then get the file name which is missing and send an email.
–>if all the 5 files are available in the folder, then rename the files accordingly. I’m able to rename the files using foreach loop and if the file containes a keyword.
Can you please refer the below screenshots and update me how can i get the missing files.

Thanks in advance.



Anuradha P.

and then find the key word of the file and rename the files accordingly.

Attached WF for reference.

Test.xaml (3.6 KB)

@anuradha_puligoti Will the 5 files in the Folder always have those same names ?

Attached the workflow. It will rename existing files and give you the missing files as an array in the OutArgument. Hope it helps.

CheckFilesAndRename.xaml (11.8 KB)


No…Just for the reference I have given renamed files screenshot . I always get the file names as shown in the below screenshot after downloading and then I renaming the files.

Thank you very much…

But the workflow is just renaming the files. I think it’s not checking the below screenshot condition.

@anuradha_puligoti I don’t think we’ll be able to get the missing files in that manner, since the filenames will be dynamic, We however can get the total number of files present in the Folder and then decide to rename or not but Getting the missing files with dynamic file names each time is not possible I guess :sweat_smile:

Can you tell us how would you go about finding the missing files in the normal manual way?

It does check in the If condition Path.GetFileName(file).Contains(keyword) written in the workflow.