Unable to find the Looping Activity

Hi I am not able to see the Looping Activity

Hi @balkishan,

Are you looking for do while and while activity and for each and if condition, then look for control in activities.

What do you mean by looping activity.

@anil5 Like we have in Automation Anywhere - Each files in a folder, each folder in a folder, each row in excel so on,…because I want to read all files in folder then how to read these one by one.

Hi @balkishan,

Look for control in activities, and it has all activities which are used for looping



@pravinraj.vincent How did you get this, I want the same which shown in the attachment.

In the enterprise edition, the snippets are available in the below folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Library\Snippets

This would not be available in the community edition.

@pravinraj.vincent But I am using Community Edition