Unable to find text using "Text Exist "Activity

I’m trying to find keyword “Device” on this page: Search of: Medtronic | Australia | First posted from 01/04/2017 to 06/06/2019 | Last update posted from 01/04/2017 to 06/06/2019 - List Results - ClinicalTrials.gov
Screenshot of the page is shown below:

I’m trying to find all the occurrences of word “Device” under column Interventions.

My bot is supposed to give me message “Keyword found” if the word exist and "Keyword doesn’t don’t exist " if there is no occurrence of keyword “device”

My bot is giving me "Keyword doesn’t don’t exist " even if the keyword exists. Please help me solve this issue. An alternate approach to achieve the same result is welcome.

This is my main XML:
Main.xaml (8.3 KB)

Thank you

Hello there,
Use IE it works, :slight_smile:
It’s know issue, Raised before.

StringExistsInColumn.zip (2.6 KB)


Here you can for alternative approach. PFA.


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Hey ! It’s unreliable, it tends to only scan the currently visible part of the page, not the entire page. Any Idea how I can force it to scan the whole webpage ?

It’s very ironic that target element has to be in foreground for Text exist (though it works on selector).
Looks like this activity doesn’t suites here then i’d probably go with selecting the entire data from page then use simple string manipulation ScrapedText.ToString.Contains(“your label text”)
try data scraping then filter only Interventions column and in if condition check your Device word.
Try @Girish attachment his already gave you solution file. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, man !! Sorry for the late reply … In my case screen scrapping helped :slight_smile:

hi @ddpadil. I am new to RPA. This post describe a very similar problem to mine. I tried to scroll down the webpage because my target string always appears at the last row, and tried to use click text or text exists even I used IE. This seems straight forward but it didn’t work…

I saw your explanation and tried the method by @Girish but i stuck on how to check if the string exist in any row of the datatable. So can you further explain on your manipulation ScrapedText.ToString.Contains(“your label text”)?
And I don’t know if the sting can be detected while in the webpage it is included in a particular string, i.e. my target string.csv

Please help! Thanks a lot!