Unable to find "Roles" tab in Orchestrator

I want to delete queue items with delete queue items activity , which is throwing “forbidden” error , found out should change robot “Role” settings to be able to delete queue items but unable to find the Roles tab.

Please help , if u know any alternate method to clear the orchestrator queue

Hi @Saitama_007

Have you checked it in settings tab of orchestrator


Yes I have, but couldn’t find it
It was present in the previous releases, as shown here :- Managing roles
But in the latest release unable to find it,could you provide me with link or screenshot please.:cry:

Hi @Saitama_007

On the top right side you will find a option to view your account along with your account name. Click on it and go to Users option

Next you will find the two users. Yourself and the robot. Through there you can get to roles. Then set your robot settings under permission screen

Let know if that helps.


Found it !:+1:,Thanks.:slightly_smiling_face:

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