Unable to Find Environment tag in Orchestrator

Hi @Abhijeet_Agrawal,
Welcome to the community. The Blue color folder you are referring to is “Modern Folder” and there is no Environment concept with Modern Folders. You can read about it here,

then how to schedule a process for unattended bot?

Hi Abhijeet,
If you are unfamiliar with the Modern Folders, I would suggest taking the 20.4/20.10 updates training or going through the latest documentation. It will help in longer run. Modern Folder is here to stay and there are some notable differences between Classic and Modern. You can always go back to the old setup with classic folder as well but eventually they are going to remove it. So I would recommend sticking with Modern Folders.

To answer to your question, if you have created the process already, you can go the triggers shown in your screenshot and create the schedule. Let us know if you need additional information.

one mistake i made i deleted all users so now unable to open orchestrator at all what can be done in that case

Hi Abhijeet, You cannot delete your own user in Automation Cloud. Which means even if you delete all the other user, by the end, one user will be there. If you have logged in to automation cloud and try to delete yourself, it won’t allow. Delete option will be disabled for you. Other organization admins can delete you or you can delete other users if you have organization admin role. You may need to find out who still has access. You can read about it here,


Can you help on this my robot is getting connected but showing unlicensed

Please go through the link to understand the step by step process of robot getting connected. This will be easier than me trying to explain. Also I would recommend not to use UiPath Agent, instead start using UiPath Assistant as your robot. :slight_smile: