Unable to find elements on desktop application

I m trying to automate a desktop application where a status of a person is married/ single.
Manually if i am selecting married from the drop down list it is asking for spouse details.
but by default these details are not present on the screen.the automation is only showing the default details.

what activity should i use to find those elements on screen.

Hi @Abhishek14

I believe you are using the click activity here?

Have you tried the click activity of the dropdown without the Simulate Click option? Let know whether it works.

Hi @Abhishek14,
While you are trying on indicating the element on the screen, click F2. Then quickly click the dropdown and indicate the element you are trying to click.

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You can try with different solutions

  1. You can try with click image once after you click the drop down and then use click image and click on the status you want to click using click image.
    2)You can use click drop down and then using click activity change the selector to dynamic where aa name should be dynamic in your case may be unmarried/married etc.

Let us know if this helps.
Pavan H

i am reading the value of status from excel sheet i.e married/single and i m using select activity to pick values from dropdown list…

This would do. Instead of Click Activity, use Click Text instead.