Unable to find Citrix Recorder in community edition

Hi All,

I’m new to UiPath and trying to automate a screnario on Citrix box. But i do not see Citrix recorder in my Studio. Kindly help!

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Hi Shetty,

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Citrix recorder is still available in UiPath Studio, try uninstalling current version and do install new version in your system.

If still have problem try create new user login windows then try.

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Hi Bala,

Thanks for your quick response.

Im using Community edition of UiPath Studio and there is no option for Citrix Recorder.

Attached screenshot of Studio for your reference.
Could you please help me out in this issue.



You are in now UiPath StudioX Community window. This have a limited activities.

Please Try to switch into “Studio Pro” from HOME menu.

Thanks you Bala.

I switched to Pro and installed Citrix plugin as well. but no luck.

Seems in new version Citrix recorder is migrated into “App/Web Recorder” and “Computer Vision”.
Try these activities to reach your need.
Are you installed UiPath in Citrix Environment? If no then try to install it first. Or you can do achieve your needs with “Image Click” activity with out any recorder.

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Hi @sshetty

Have you tried the shortcut ctrl+alt+c .thanks

Thanks Bala.

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Hi Shetty, If meets your requirement, Please make this as Solution.

Hi Prasath,

ctrl+alt+c is not working.