Unable to filter columns with 10 numbers

Aim: To filter Project with 10 digit code.

What I have done:

  1. Read entire range from excel xlxs and save as Datatable.
  2. Verified the data table by writing into an excel.
  3. Filter “PROJECT” equals to “4000.00”. Filter works
  4. Filter “PROJECT” equal to “6077000000.00”. Filter return no result.

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give a try on following:

  • filter with “4000” - is doing on string base, test with =, contains
  • check if in excel are blanks on begin or end of the Project value

If its not working as expected, so debug it with breakpoint and share from local panels the datatable excerpt with us.

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I have try to reduce the number to 60770000 in the my excel and filter with “60770000.00” and it works.

Has it got to do with INT32 and INT64?

as mentioned please share the datatable excerpt screenshot from a debug. On this base we can better rate the things. Also a scrennshot on how you have configured the filter would be helpfully. Thanks