Unable to fetching the credentials from the Orchestrator

I am unable to fetch the credentials from the Orchestrator to use the read config file.
@lakshman @Palaniyappan plz guide

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Hi @balkishan
Uee get asset Activity and pass the config key as input buddy @balkishan
–Make sure that your machine is connected to the Orchestrator
–then check whether the asset name is same in both the Orchestrator and studio
Cheers @balkishan

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Bro, I am confused where to use this activity in my in_setting workflow.

Can i have a view on screenshot of your xaml if possible
Cheers @balkishan

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sent bro…

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It is not necessary that you have to fetch value from In_Setting xaml.

if your asset name is configurable value.of course you are creating a config dictionary.

Use that activity in a workflow where ever you’re want to type into username or password.

If you want to get credentials in in_settings itself just use after creating config Dictionary(out_Config)


I got your point then what is the purpose of reading the config setting file and fetching from the orchestrator.

for the get credentials activity,You have to give assets name then only you can fetch the credentials from orchestrator.

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I have to read from the setting file also?

just asset name alone

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Kindly have a view on these threads buddy
That could help on resolving tgis issue

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