Unable to fetch unique object properties

If application does not have any unique identifying selectors, what will be the best option :

  1. Using click OCR text activity
  2. Using anchor base activity
    Or some other option is the best ?
  • If you have any element nearby with selector which is reliable and are unique, you can use anchor base.
  • If the text of button you need to click is constant, you can use click text activity. It’s not required to use ocr until unless it is not readable text.
  • You can also use click image activity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for revert.
Its not a button field. It is dropdown, which does not have select tag. We have to click it and then select values from list. So two properties are required click object and lovs.

Using anchor base activity, have clicked on drop down field. But unable to select values from the list populated post click.
Using click text activity, it is throwing an ‘The method or operation is not implemented’.

Its a web application and working on Chorme brwoser only.