Unable to fetch Request variable details in Service now | UiPath API integration

Hello Team,

I am automating service now requests using uipath API integration.

But am not able to fetch the catalog variable values from the request

The other details (state, priority comments ,descriptions)are getting properly in the output json file.

kindly help

Hi - can you please validate which version of Studio & the activity pack you are using? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello Paul ,

i have tested the same using POSTMAN , still the values available in the Variable table is not showing in the output json file , the other tables like , state , Priority, number , Assignment group values are showing in the output json file.

So to be clear it’s not working in Postman? If you are using the same call as the activity does in Postman, and it’s not in Postman, then this would be why it’s not showing up, as this activity calls the table directly. Have you tried updating the record first and then getting it to see if the value is persisted?

Also, if you can confirm which activity pack you are using, that would be helpful.

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