Unable to fetch multi-valued look up field column value from SharePoint Online List

We are trying to fetch the list items from a SharePoint online list which has a multi-valued look up field. The value of this field is coming as null, when using the GetListItems or the for each list item activities. Please help with solutions on how a multi-valued look up field can be fetched.

Hi @kripa.nair, welcome to the Community.

Is there way you can modify your workflow, so that you can change the data extraction approach from the specified method to HTTPS Request method? If yes, consider the following:

  1. You can send a GET request to SharePoint REST API to get the list items by using the activity ‘HTTP Request’.
  2. Once you get the response, parse it using Deserialise Json activity & get it into a JObject, which is the response data.
  3. Proceed with the data extraction from the response dataset.

Might need a little more extensive R&D, hope this helps,
Best Regards.

We have security restrictions in connecting to the Sharepoint online APIs and hence the reason we went with the activities.