Unable to feed back the data into same excel

I am working on a demo project where I have to send the reports of the stock market to different clients. The company’s whose stock price they want are stored in different excel, for example, client1’s requirements are in excel 1 and client2’s requirements are in excel 2 and so on. I am collecting stock market data from Moneycontrol.com .

  • Read all excel one by one, fill the data corresponding to company names in excel.

I have fetched all the data from the website but I am not able to push it back to the respective excels.ReadCustomer_data.xaml (35.3 KB)

Somebody, please guide me.

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Hey @liji.lillygeorge95,

I can’t see any excel write activities in the workflow.

Kindly add write range activities to write data back to excel.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying.

I added the same,but it throws an error ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’. Could you please check if I am missing something.ReadCustomer_data.xaml (55.4 KB)

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Can someone please help me to sort this out.

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You have read the excel and manipulated the data but not writing it back to the excel.

So you need to perform.

Let me also check the workflow.

Thanks :slight_smile:

These are the excel files from which I am fetching the Input ‘StockName’.

I am reading each input and fetching these datas from the website

(NSEPrice,NSEChange etc…)

Here in the writeline, I am able to get all the ferched data.![image|690x387]

But , how to write it each time back to the same excel.

Can you please suggest a way?


If you are looking to write back to excel, Use Append / Write Range activities

For more reference, You can check below
Tutorial : How to Calculate difference between two Time Values using UiPath - #2 by system

Hope this helps you


ReadCustomer_data.xaml (56.3 KB) I tried Append Range, But the excel is overloaded again and again each time.


Yes, Append range will add data to existing data

If you don’t want then you have to use Write Range activity so that it will always remove the existing data and write to fresh data

Hope this helps you


For write range we need to specify the input cell right?
I tried using ‘Write Cell’ activity and it works for the first excel. I have incremented the counter each time. First excel has 2 rows and it reads back the data correctly.

But for second excel , again the counter starts from , where it stopped in excel 1.ReadCustomer_data.xaml (34.2 KB)

Is there any way that we can follow the same approach in all the excel files?


You can look for the write range reference in the link given you in last post

Thank you