Unable to extract values from PDF using Custom ML(Data Manager)?

Hi All,

I’m trying to extract some values from pdf using custom ML (Data Manager) where, Predict option is not visible and also can’t able to extract the values using short cut .
please help me out to overcome this issue.

Note: Due to confidential purpose some information has been masked.

@Lahiru.Fernando @nisargkadam23

Thanks in Advance,
Harsha Vardhan.

Hi @Harsha.Vardhan , Try regex based extraction.

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Hi @arivu96,

Volume of the document is high,so extracting the values using regex is complex.
So do you have any solution through custom ML.

Thanks in Advance,
Harsha Vardhan.

HI @Harsha.Vardhan

Assigning the values to fields: you are selecting\ highlighting the values to be added and pressing the shortcut key yes?

I see that the text is identified (shows in gray color), so ideally highlighting the words and pressing the shortcut key should work…

let me know whether that is the way you tried?

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

I tried in a same way,but I can’t able to fetch the values using shortcut key.Do you have any solution for this issue?

Thanks in advance,
Harsha Vardhan.

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando ,

Now I can able to map the values using shortcut keys in the Data Manager for pdf(Resume).Is it required to delete unmapped pages or left as it is?

Thanks in advance
Harsha Vardhan.