Unable to Extract using "Custom selection" in Document understanding

I am trying to input an invoice, used Form extractor and also tried with Intelligent Form Extractor. But I am Unable to Extract using “Custom selection”. the text I want to extract is getting highlighted, But during validation station, I am again getting as “Not Extracted”! Have attached the screenshots.
Custom selection|690x430

hi @Nishanthi_Sankar

you have to change the option to custom selection, PFB screen shot for reference, that is in token mode, please change to custom.



Hi Shaik, Like you said, I select Custom area every time before manually extracting data in “Manage Template step under form Extractor” and even the text I want to extract is getting highlighted, but during the validation station step, nothing Gets extracted.
And tried changing to Tesseract OCR, then applying true to Force Apply OCR and changing the profile of OCR to scan, but could not get the extracted data in validate station step.

@Nishanthi_Sankar …is exercise 4 is your first field?

No,I extracted “Robopro” but, it is showing as Exercise 4 in Validation station. Exercise 4 is the category Type I gave during taxonomy creation!

@Nishanthi_Sankar …something is wrong…can you shows the screenshot for intelligence form extractor fields ?

When I get time I will send all my screenshots.

Thank you so much! Here is the screenshot of the Form Extractor I used, ! Custom selection-2|690x454

Hi @Nishanthi_Sankar … I think, it’s not able to properly classify the document.

Since this is the invoice, It has be first identified as Invoice by the classifier.

In my case, I have Classified as Claims.

Then in the intelligent Form Extractor…

I would suggest, Change your Exercise 4 to Invoice and then use the same in the Classification → Intelligent Classifier and then Now create a selection in the Intelligent Form extractor.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Sir, like you suggested, invoice doc Understanding|550x400 I changed exercise 4 to Invoice in Taxonomy, and selected the same from “Intelligent Keyword Classifier” , but no luck, data is not getting Extracted during validation step. !

@Nishanthi_Sankar …could you please share your workflow.?