Unable to extract the vendor information

open in expolrer and send me the screenshot

like this

hey buddy please send your work flow let me check

Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_12345.zip (518.5 KB)System1_Login.xaml (13.0 KB)

@megha12 as per the screenshot
you login successfully 2 times before the error occurred
I think you invoke login workflow in the wrong place or not close Application all before invoke login workflow.
you should check walk through again


Hi , My file is working now, but when I am uploading it in the Academy, the grading is still 0/100.
But it has no errors now,

Can you please guide.


check this once

don;t reset test data after run the project


My file was running successfully and I dont know , how come this error pops up now

I have checked the selectors and they are valid:

Please help

try to change t he title as sha1*

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Just put delay activity with 2-3 second value before get full text span activity


Its working now , Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone,

I am working on generate Yearly report level 3rd , My half file was working successfully till the creation of yearly report but i just reset the data for once and after that when i am trying to run the file ,I am not sure where exactly the error is whether it is not able to navigate to the workitems page or it is not able to extract the vendor information as both these files are working separately . The main issue is the URL changes to “https://acme-test.uipath.com/unauthorized”.PFB the screenshot:


Hi ,
I am working on generate yearly report, My dispatcher is working fine but when i am running Performer then for every TaxID and for every month they show me that “No report found for this vendor” and after running this file for almost every ID results come that no more data left for the transaction.

can somebody please help