Unable to extract Table data which has a horizontal scroll within a webpage

Hi Gang,

Website: Apple Balance Sheet 2009-2022 | AAPL | MacroTrends

Due to the internal horizontal scroll present in the webpage, I am unable to use “Extract Structured Data” or by using “Data scraping” to get all the data within the table. I have also tried using “Find Children” but no luck there either.

Hi @David_Bekky
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Are you using modern table extraction or data scraping?
With table extraction, I could find half of the table but after the horizontal bar scroll, I couldn’t get the elements. Let me try.

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Yes, in the organisation that I am working - we are using the classic version not the modern design.

I believe the same issue will arise irrespective of whether you are using the modern or the classic design imo

I could get the table using table extraction.

Sorry, I am unable to extract the entire table…

Hi @David_Bekky

Please find the attached workflow and I have developed this with modern experience uipath studio.
Main.xaml (30.1 KB)