Unable to extract multiple spaces between words in image

OmniPage Ocr and other ocrs are giving only single space between words, whereas there are multiple spaces between words in the image.

Example: Attached sample image for reference

I want to preserve spaces in between text in image.

Please help in resolution. Tried both digitize document dom variable, Load image and ocr, get OCR text. All gave same output, which is only one space between words.

OCRs tried: tesserect, omnipage and Uipath document ocr


In general, it might be difficult to identify how many spaces are there because font width is different in each font set.
But, can you try to use Result property of OCR activity? It also returns coordinate and we might be able to estimate number of spaces from it. The following is a sample which outputs coordinate.

Sample20221125-1.zip (9.7 KB)