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Unable to extract multiple page by using table extraction. and i enable the multiple page and the max pages in table extraction. it just looping. kindly gave me solution & PFA.

Santhosh Kumar M
Sample.xlsx (8.3 KB)

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Could you elaborate on what is meant by it is just looping ?

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Do you mean it is going infinite loops. could you share the work flow. thanks


Right it extract 1 page and 2nd page… etc finally came 10th page and it extract only 10th page by as much of time. it never came end otherwise it go for time out error.

Hi @Santhosh_Kumar3

Use check app state acitivity in your loop and exit loop if you do not find any rows


To extract a set of consecutive pages, select the first page you want to extract. Then press the Shift key (Windows and macOS), and select the final page you want to extract to highlight the set.


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PFA of video recording.

Santhosh Kumar M

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I Got solution, once disable the modern design experience and we get classic activity by using old 2018 version (Data Scrapping and Screen Scrapping). it useful to work,

Santhosh Kumar

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Modern Table extraction also should give the same result. Can you try enable the Append option in the properties and check it once.