Unable to extract Invoice Item from Queue

I store Invoice Number,Invoice Item, Date in queue , I am able to extract Invoice Number, Date from queue but not able extract Invoice Item . I used RE Framework for that. I am attaching process.xaml workflow.
Process.xaml (10.2 KB)

Please help me here.

Please verify that the arguments name are same while you add queue item for Invoice Item and same while you are extracting specific content.


I checked it is the same , i share my screen shot for orchestrator where my queue items are saved.

See the string Invoice Item is same in queue.
Please help me through this.

Clear your Queue. Add items to queue again and then try


I tried to create new queue and then again tried to enter the items and extract the items from it.
But still the error is same.
I don’t know the reason.

Can you share the flow where you added items to queue

Process.xaml (22.3 KB)

I think it will make a difference, when you added Invoice Item there is a white space before that remove that and try


Done. Thanks.


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