Unable to extract expected value from an app on virtual machine

Hi guys,

I am trying to extract the expected amount value from an app installed on virtual machine but unable to do so.
Below is the screenshot.

I have used get visible text, get full text but I was unable to extract into a variable.
Can anyone please help?
Thanks in advance.

did you use anchorbase activity??

and choose Bottom as a position!
cheers @Ashish_Verma

I am not sure which activity to use inside anchor base. I have attached the screenshot below.

Could you please suggest?

I wanted the expected amount to be copied to actual amount

for find image you can indicate on Expected Amount and use another activity paralle to that use GetText and indicate on amount that is 53.50

I tried GetText but it is not indicating the element specifically but rather the whole app.
I used F3 function while selecting the expected amount field but still didn’t work.

you can use UiExplorer and change Ui FrameWorks settings and indicate on that element
copy the seletors and paste it in get text activity!

@Ashish_Verma Are you developing the Workflow in Remote Machine?

yes It’s on virtual machine-Oracle VM virtual box

let me try

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