Unable to extract data from PDF using Document Understanding process

hello all,

i have been doing document understanding. i have two different type of document i have used taxonomy manager to create json file then follow step by step process to extract data.
i have been facing two problems .
1)i am able to extract data from from first document but after store extracted data in data table i am only getting “Simple Fields” as my result . Did not find any extracted data.
2) 2nd problem is after completing first document when loop iterate 2nd document in Present validation station i have getting error Source: Present Validation Station

Message: Unable to translate Unicode character \uDBC0 at index 0 to specified code page.

Exception Type: System.Text.EncoderFallbackException

Now i am uploading my uipath project - Data_Extraction_Scanned_Pdf.zip (712.4 KB)

Please suggest me with best solution .

Thanks in advance.