Unable to Extarct the Text(value) in webtable

If i search based on account number Getting below table,.
Need Extarct the Main account,Sub Acnt,…condition is which row has 0.00 (Allocated FC),.

Above case 1 row have 0.00 (Allocated FC),. Some time 2 nd row having 0.00 (Allocated FC),… Table have 3 or 4 row only,…

I have 50 Account number, each account number has above table, with different positions in allocated FC (0.00),.
Can any one help? I try for each loop works but unable to extarct the text/value repeatedly,. need save as Excel or CSV,… !!

Is data scraping not working ?
If it works, you can use Filter Data Table activity after scraping the data.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks karthikByggari,.
But i unable to extract the value,. i have getting can’t find column,.
kindly check attach screenshot


The first row is considered as the header row. For that reason, you are getting the error can’t find column.
But still it works with filter data table activity or datatable.Select.

Use Assign Activity, to get the array of data rows matching the Allocated FC 0.00

Follow these -

  1. First, in the extract wizard, set maximum number of results to 0 (if you think rows exceed 100).
  2. Once the data is captured, the output will be in DataTable say DT1.
  3. Get the array of data rows which has Allocated FC value is 0.00 (assuming this column comes always in column-9) using the below assign activity -

arrayMatchingRows = DT1.Select("Column-9 = 0.00")

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Hi @AnithaUi
You can get the column value using get row item using Column Name, and then use the If condition and provide the condtion “OutPutOfGetrowitem = Nothing” and in the else section do the scrapping.
Thanks & Regards

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