Unable to execute practice lessons in UiPath Academy

I have UiPath Studio to on two laptops to go through the RPA training. On one of the laptop i can run all of the Practice lessons with no issue. On the my other laptop i cannot run any of the lesson, debug …or any code with getting an “unable to start execution one or more errors occurred”. i have uninstalled and re-installed twice. If anyone has an idea as to what this could possible be i would be grateful. The error message is long and to honest i don’t know what i am looking at.

Have you checked the error details and find out some settings maybe missing on another laptop.

Thanks for responding,

I have looked through the errors stream and just don’t see anything that would prevent for running the practice bots. I attached is the error message if someone could look at who more experience with UiPath error exceptions.

(Attachment 2019-01-08_Studio.log is missing)