Unable to execute imported project in other machines


I have created a project in UI Path community trails edition and it got executed as well . I want to run the same project in other machines. I have imported my project in other machines and tried to execute. It is throwing selector not found error.
I searched and came to know that operation system, screen resolution , screen display size and the application version should be same. And i made sure all the other machines has the same os, same screen resolution , same display size and application version as same , but still unable to execute the project in other machines.

could anyone help me out please, how to execute the same project in other machines.

** Its a window application

Thanks in advance.

If you are getting a selector not found error then the easiest way to troubleshoot this would be to compare the selector that is failing on one machine versus the other where it works. There must be something different about the selector that is being created when changing machines but it should be easy to determine through comparison I’d bet.

checked the selectors. On both the machines its the same.

After importing, the selectors are same in both machines. But on running, facing selector not found exception.

** If i again edit the same selectors in other machine by using ui explorer, able to execute it.
still the selectors remains the same.

I hope u got my issue