Unable to execute actions to a popup window

Hi peepz
I’ve been trying to make a workflow that creates user in a web interface environment, from a virtual server.
In this web interface, a group have to be selected which defines where the user belong. After hitting the select button, a popup window where it is possible to search for specific group to apply to user. I’ve tried the following:-
-different types of click methods (also by using explorer to find the specific selector)
-send hotkey
-type into (down + tab + tab)

it triggers error that does not find selector etc… i’ve also tried it from local IE - same results

Is it a bug or?

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@Extinguir - You can check that your selector is not dynamic i.e. its not changing based on other values through Java Scripts etc.,

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thanks for replying, i’ve checked already. Not even image click works, on image appear either

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I am facing the same issue not even image click is working.