Unable to evaluate expression in Watch

Can you please resolve this bug, since any valid expression should be able to be evaluated in the Watch panel? I use the Watch panel extensively when creating algorithms. This is really important. Also, the application should be reliable.

I am trying to simply evaluate the Groups of a Match, but it won’t evaluate unless I use the parent object along with the index. Turns out it works when executed, but doesn’t evaluate in the Watch panel.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a Regex Expression such as “(.*)” and get the Matches using Matches Activity (put into ‘myMatches’ variable) on any text such as “foo”
  2. Add Foreach activity (with Match as type) looping through ‘myMatches’
  3. put ‘myMatch’ to keep track of which match you are on.
  4. put ‘myIndex’ to keep track of which index you are on.
  5. add any WriteLine activity inside Foreach and put breakpoint on it.
    put this expression: myMatch.Groups[0].Value
  6. Debug File
  7. The value written to Output panel shows “foo”, meaning the expression is valid.
  8. Add Watch for both of the following expressions:


  1. These two expressions should be showing the same value…

myMatches.ElementAt(myIndex).Groups Value shows the value
myMatch.Groups Value shows → “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”