Unable to enter specific date in the date picket edit box


I’m unable to enter specific date in the date picker edit box. after entering the specific date and moving to next field the value is changing back to the one which is selected at the time of recording the element.

So can anyone help me on this.


Hi, can we see a screen shot? maybe you have the value hard coded somewhere in your type into activity?

Please find the screenshot attached. The date value is not hard coded

Hi @phanim4u

Again check the selector in uiexplorer


So this might be some script of you web application that might be changing the value? when you open this yourself, can you really type into that date picker text box? the value does not change back? some requires you to really select the date by clicking…

you need to make the selector dynamic according to the structure of the calendar. for example, it is possible to print the day information as an integer in the selector and define an external variable.

you share link